Friday, 20 February 2015

Models Own Spring 2015 HyperGel Collection Swatches and Review

Ah, Models Own, how I do love thee... a whole ten new HyperGel polishes to add to the line up of the existing 20!  I always go on and on about how much I love the HyperGel polishes - and if anyone asks me what polish I recommend (and given that I write a blog about nail polish, I get asked this question a lot) I always say, hands down (no pun intended), that the HyperGels are the best polishes around.  They're a pocket-friendly £4.99 each (or 6 for £20 at the Bottleshops, which is always a reason to go and visit the lovely girls at Westfield) and they have superb coverage, formula, shine and staying power.  These new ten are no exception and they bring both bold brights and cool pastels to the table.

If you're not familiar with the Models Own HyperGels yet (how are you NOT?) then it's worth saying a few short words about them.  The formula is quite thick, or gel-like, but requires no UV lamp to set it like a gel manicure does.  Because the polish is quite thick, it self-levels which means that it's much easier to get a streak-free flawless finish.  Though they're super glossy in finish, I always top with a coat of Seche Vite which helps to dry the polish (because it's thick, it can take a little time to dry) and keep them chip-free for longer.

Onto the swatches:

Caribbean Crush

Models Own Caribbean Crush Hypergel swatchModels Own Caribbean Crush Hypergel swatch

Caribbean Crush looks quite red in these photos - but it's a very orangey red in real life.  Different from Summer Solstice (Spring 2014) which was definitely orange, this is orange red.  Beautiful, bright and will look fantastic on my toes this summer.

Long Beach Peach*

Models Own Long Beach Peach Hypergel swatchModels Own Long Beach Peach Hypergel swatch

Long Beach Peach* is a pretty orangey pastel peach.  A really warm toned polish, this is going to look fab when the summer dresses start coming out of my wardrobe.  (If you saw my Barry M post a couple of days ago, this is more pastel than Full Throttle and In A Heartbeat, but it sits in the middle of the two colour-wise).

Prude Nude

Models Own Prude Nude Hypergel swatchModels Own Prude Nude Hypergel swatch

Prude Nude is a French manicure pink if ever I saw one.  It's more sheer than I'm used to from the HyperGels, but the photos above show just two coats.  If you're looking for almost-nude nails, but with a sophisticated finish, this is the polish for you.  (I how it looked on my nails - but I always like to be a bit more daring with my colour choices!)

Paradise Pink*

Models Own Paradise Pink Hypergel swatchModels Own Paradise Pink Hypergel swatch

Paradise Pink* is a pastel pink, paler and cooler in tone than Pink Veneer (from the original HyperGel collection).  Very pretty and perfect for spring.

Persian Pink

Models Own Persian Pink Hypergel swatchModels Own Persian Pink Hypergel swatch

Persian Pink is a bright, warm and slightly purple-toned pink.  Wow, what a colour.  Such a fun summer Barbie-esque colour which screams sunshine and cocktails by the pool!  (I keep telling myself that summer is right around the corner... and this colour makes me believe it is).

Purple Orchid*

Models Own Purple Orchid Hypergel swatchModels Own Purple Orchid Hypergel swatch

Purple Orchid* is a magenta-toned purple.  I'm not sure if it was just me or the bottle I got, but this is the only HyperGel which dried with a matte finish, so I topped it with Seche Vite to bring out the gloss in the photos above.  I'm not sure it's quite right for my skin tone, but I love that it's a really unusual shade for a polish (this is one of the reasons I love Models Own - for pushing the unusual in their polishes).

Midsummer Mauve

Models Own Midsummer Mauve Hypergel swatchModels Own Midsummer Mauve Hypergel swatch

Midsummer Mauve doesn't seem particularly mauve to me.  I'd call it more taupe.  I'm sure some people will love this colour - it's sophisticated and pretty neutral - but it's not for me.  It didn't work with my skin tone and as I've already said, I like to pop a punch with my nail colour, so this doesn't really do it for me.

Powder Blue*

Models Own Powder Blue Hypergel swatchModels Own Powder Blue Hypergel swatch

Powder Blue* is a traditional baby pastel blue, the likes of which haven't been seen in the HyperGel line up yet.  Where Cornflour Gleam was purple in tone and Blue Glint was turquoise, this is proper, straight up traditional baby blue.  Lovely.

Bermuda Blue

Models Own Bermuda Blue Hypergel swatchModels Own Bermuda Blue Hypergel swatch

Bermuda Blue is a stunning bright azure blue.  I'm not sure I have the words to say quite how much I love this polish.  Aahh isn't it just beautiful?  In real life it's actually a tad darker than the photos above show it - but - oh, it's just amazing!

Tropical Green*

Models Own Tropical Green Hypergel swatchModels Own Tropical Green Hypergel swatch

Tropical Green* is a rather acid lime green.  Not for me.  I'm not a green-polish wearer as a general rule and this is just too out there for me - that said, when I posted a photo of the five bottles I was sent to review, this is the one that got the most attention for people looking forward to trying it out!  Each to their own, eh?

Overall?  Love them.  The HyperGels can do no wrong in my eyes.  However, I would really like to see a bright sunshine yellow added to the line up - I know it's not to everyone's taste, but a really warm yellow would be brilliant I think (and surely more wearable than that green?!)

The Models Own Spring 2015 HyperGel Collection is available now for £4.99 each in Models Own Bottleshops and Superdrug stores nationwide - and also at

*PR samples


  1. Yay I'm so glad you did a review of the full collection. Paradise Pink is still my favourite after seeing them all, I do like Bermuda Blue and Persian Pink but they're probably not unique so I'm not desperately looking for them. I can't seem to get enough of 'almost' nude shades at the moment so I really like Midsummer Mauve - can you remember if it needed more than 2 coats?
    Amy x

  2. These are gorgeous! I especially like Bermuda Blue. Great swatches, by the way ;)

  3. I really like the look of Prude Nude and Bermuda Blue, the blue looks so electric in your pics!

  4. I was sold 5 tubes of hyper gel...all rubbish! It starts chipping off just hours after application. I am very disappointed and want my money back. Your sales people make false claims that it lasts just as long as, right! HORRIBLE quality and I can't imagine anyone being happy with it.

    1. Sorry you weren't happy with your HyperGels - I know a lot of people, including me, love them. I also don't work for the company, so your comments are better directed at them. Always remember that polish lasts longer with a base coat and decent top coat.