Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Models Own Icing Collection Swatches and Review

I have a pretty exciting post this evening, out of my normal morning posting schedule, because I wanted to get it up as soon as possible.  I've been really lucky to receive the new Models Own Icing Collection early - they haven't even been officially announced yet (don't worry, I'm not breaking any embargoes)!  (If you follow Superdrug on Instagram you may have seen a sneak preview of these a few weeks ago when Models Own did their takeover).  We've already seen two new collections from Models Own in the last month (the Colour Chromes and ten new HyperGels) and they are bringing out yet another on March 6th! Ah, they spoil us.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Triplet Nails: Rainbow Sugar Spun Nails with Models Own HyperGel

Rainbow Sugar Spun Nails

Today is the third instalment of Triplet Nails.  Back in August - how has it been that long?! - I teamed up with Aimée of Pinkglow's Pretty Polish and Lauren of The Naily Mail to do our second triplet nails.  They're my oldest blogger buddies and triplet nails is our way of challenging ourselves to try out a technique we've not had a go at before.  This time we decided on sugar spun nails which is a fun and, as it turns out, a bit harder than I thought it would be!  To give me a start, I used this tutorial here.  Read on for more photos and to see what they came up with...

Friday, 20 February 2015

Models Own Spring 2015 HyperGel Collection Swatches and Review

Ah, Models Own, how I do love thee... a whole ten new HyperGel polishes to add to the line up of the existing 20!  I always go on and on about how much I love the HyperGel polishes - and if anyone asks me what polish I recommend (and given that I write a blog about nail polish, I get asked this question a lot) I always say, hands down (no pun intended), that the HyperGels are the best polishes around.  They're a pocket-friendly £4.99 each (or 6 for £20 at the Bottleshops, which is always a reason to go and visit the lovely girls at Westfield) and they have superb coverage, formula, shine and staying power.  These new ten are no exception and they bring both bold brights and cool pastels to the table.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Morgan Taylor Cinderella Collection Swatches and Review

To celebrate the release of the new Walt Disney film Cinderella, Morgan Taylor are releasing a Cinderella-inspired collection of six nail polishes.  Ever since I tried out a couple of Morgan Taylor polishes last year (reviewed here and here), I've been a fan of their heavy-bottled polishes and smooth, easy-to-apply formula.  The Cinderella Collection comprises a selection of magical girly colours, totally reminiscent of princesses and ballgowns.  I have three to show you from the collection, the ones not shown here are My Carriage Awaits (coral creme), Watch Your Step, Sister! (hot pink creme) and Ella of a Girl (light pink creme). Read on for swatches of Best Ball Gown Ever* (iridescent periwinkle), Party at the Palace* (iridescent teal) and If The Slipper Fits* (light blue glitter)...

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Barry M Speedy Dry Collection - Spring Pastels

I'm always delighted when new pastel polish collections are released because it can mean only one thing: that spring and summer are on their way.  Barry M have not disappointed with their latest release (which hit Superdrug last week and Boots today) - nine polishes all singing the joys of spring in their array of pastel brights.  This collection also sees the new 'speedy dry' formula and flat 'control-flow' brush.  More on these in a bit.  The nine colours are all named in speed-reminiscent names, rather than anything to do with their colours.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Barry M spring launch event which, though coming at a super busy time for me at work, I was determined to attend as I knew that Lauren from The Naily Mail (one of my very first blogging buddies) was going to be there and I just had to meet her when she was down south in London.

I have swatches of eight of the nine in the Speedy Dry collection below (the one that is missing is Pit Stop, a pastel grey - sadly I didn't get this one in my press sample bag at the event - and though I considered buying it to make my swatch post complete, I actually didn't think it was going to be a colour I'd wear except for swatching so decided against).

The formula is rather thinner than I'm used to from Barry M, but then I suppose that's not surprising given that I usually use the Barry M Gelly polishes.  The thinner formula means that yes, it's quicker-drying (although I actually didn't think it was noticeably quick - I always top everything with Seche Vite anyway) but it also means that I had to use three coats of all of the polishes below to get proper opacity from them.  In this sense, I'm not sure the speedy-dry thing is that useful!  The new flat brush though is great and really helps with the speedy application - so thumbs up to that, Barry M! 

Stop The Clock*

Barry M Stop the Clock - pastel yellow - swatchBarry M Stop the Clock - pastel yellow - swatch

Stop The Clock is a pastel creamy-yellow colour.  Very pretty and not too yellow-yellow.

Full Throttle*

Barry M Full Throttle speedy dry swatch - pastel orangeBarry M Full Throttle speedy dry swatch - pastel orange

Full Throttle is a lovely pastel tangerine orange polish, more subtle than bright orange and quite an unusual colour.

In A Heart Beat*

Barry M In A Heart Beat speedy dry swatch - pastel coralBarry M In A Heart Beat speedy dry swatch - pastel coral

In A Heart Beat is a pastel pinky coral polish.  It has to be my absolute favourite from the whole collection - another relatively unusual shade, I will definitely be wearing this throughout the upcoming spring and summer.

Kiss Me Quick*

Barry M Kiss Me Quick speedy dry swatch - pastel pinkBarry M Kiss Me Quick speedy dry swatch - pastel pink

Kiss Me Quick is a pretty standard baby pink, nothing groundbreaking about this colour, but it is pretty and spring-y nevertheless.

Lap of Honour*

Barry M Lap of Honour speedy dry swatch - pastel purpleBarry M Lap of Honour speedy dry swatch - pastel purple

Lap of Honour is a pastel lilac purple - certainly on the grey end of the purple spectrum.  It's nice, but not my favourite.

Eat My Dust*

Barry M Eat My Dust speedy dry swatch - pastel blueBarry M Eat My Dust speedy dry swatch - pastel blue

Eat My Dust is a pastel blue.  Like Kiss Me Quick, it's not exactly groundbreaking and you'll definitely have come across this shade before.  That said, I like that it's a really pale pastel blue and I'll certainly be wearing it in the coming months.

Road Rage*

Barry M Road Rage speedy dry swatch - pastel bluegreenBarry M Road Rage speedy dry swatch - pastel bluegreen

Road Rage is a pastel jade green and probably my second favourite of the whole collection.  It can probably be compared a little to Essie's Mint Candy Apple (a colour which barely left my nails a couple of summers ago), but it's darker and more pigmented than that.  Really really pretty, can't get enough of this one!

Pole Position*

Barry M Pole Position speedy dry swatch - pastel greenBarry M Pole Position speedy dry swatch - pastel green

Pole Position is a baby spring green - with more of a yellow tone than Road Rage.  It's another quite uncommon shade, which is great, though it's probably a little on the yellow green side for me to wear frequently.

Overall it's a great collection, with some staple pastels and some more fun and unusual shades.  There's definitely at least one polish in here for everybody - and I guarantee that you won't be able to just pick up one!

Availability - now in both Superdrug and Boots, at £3.99 each - but there are often 3 for 2 offers on, so might be worth waiting for one of those to pick up as many as possible!

*PR sample