Monday, 29 December 2014

Vivien Kondor Nail Polish Swatches and Review

A few months ago (I know, I know, I'm terribly behind on my swatching!) I was asked to try out some polishes from a brand new brand called Vivien Kondor London, available on Amazon for just £3.99 each.  They currently have a huge range of 42 polishes, including neon and glitter collections.  I was keen to try out the neons, but at the time I was sent them they were looking more metallic - it looks like they might have fixed that issue now!  So I was sent four polishes to try out: Nude*, Red Black*, Orchid* and Cobalt Blue*.


Nude is just as the name would suggest - a polish that is so nude, it really seems to look like you're not wearing any at all!  At first I was a bit disappointed by the lack of colour, but then after I'd popped on a couple of coats I thought it was rather nice - if you can't bear not to wear polish, but don't want to wear a proper colour, this is quite lovely.  It would also be perfect for wearing with a French manicure.  The above photos show two coats of the polish - and it dries to quite a matte finish.  It's quite runny to apply and does not dry very quickly, so make sure you give it enough time between coats.

Red Black

Red Black is not your classic 'red black' (or Rouge Noir as Chanel has it ) polish - whether that was the intention or not, I'm not sure.  Despite not being the colour you'd expect from the name, it actually is a rather beautiful deep red.  Formula was similar to Nude in terms of being a bit runny, but the finish is flawless and shiny.  Again it was not a quick drying polish so give it sufficient time, or top it with a quick dry top coat.


Orchid is a candyfloss pink with a pearlescent finish.  I have to say the finish, to me, feels a bit of a granny finish - or at least one that is beyond my years!  It's a pretty polish if you like the combination of colour and finish.  Again it doesn't dry very quickly, but the formula is good in two coats.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue is another colour which I don't really think is true to its name.  Cobalt, to me, is a much brighter, more royal variety of the colour - this is too dark to be cobalt.  That said, it's a good dark blue polish, though the formula is a bit thin so I had to use three coats in the photos above. 

My picks from the four I was sent for review would be Nude and Red Black.  Which do you like the look of best?  Overall I would say they're good value at £3.99 each and being able to order from Amazon is really convenient - at that cost you can probably afford to get a few to try out and see if you like them!

You can find Vivien Kondor Nail Polishes here on Amazon.

*PR samples

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