Saturday, 27 December 2014

Fundamentally Flawless Advent Calendar: 19th - 24th December

Well, I made it all the way to the end of my Christmas nail art advent calendar over on Instagram!  I still can't quite believe I managed to do some sort of nail art on my nails every day for 24 days... not sure that will ever happen again! Anyway, here is the round up for the last six days of advent.  By the 24th my cuticles were really beginning to struggle so since then I've taken to polish-free nails and some decent cuticle attention.

Under each photo I'm linking to the post on Instagram which has all the details of the polishes and stamping plates etc I used for each design.  Let me know in the comments below which your favourite so far is!

Snowy Trees Christmas nail art with HJ Manicure Midnight Sky

Candy Cane Watermarble Nail Art with Models Own White Light and Brunette Red

Blue watermarble with snowflakes nail art

Christmas Santa Minions from Despicable Me nail art

Gold and silver watermarble nail art

Gold, red and white watermarble nail art

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  1. Wow so many watermarble designs! These all look so amazing and festive. I have tried so many times to do watermarble but it always ends up sliding off my nails because the polish is so wet. Do you have any tips? x

    1. Thanks! Yes I used to struggle a lot with watermarbling - until I saw a method by Yagala on Instagram (I've linked to it in my post on candy cane watermarbled nails from last Saturday). You leave the watermarble in the water until it's dry and you can lift it out and cut it up to place on a just-painted nail. Now I'm obsessed with watermarbling!!

  2. I loved all your advent calendar nails and loved seeing them pop up on my Instagram news feed each day! Definitely want to try your water marbling technique.

    Sam xx |

    1. Thanks so much Sam! I enjoyed doing them (and completing the challenge I set for myself!) but also quite glad it's over - so much thought and time!! So pleased I came across the watermarble technique - definitely going to be doing more of them in 2015! xx

  3. these nail designs are breathtaking!