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Dr PawPaw Balm Review

Dr PawPaw balm review

Back in the summer (yes, it was that long ago, the last 3 months have just disappeared into the ether) I was sent some Dr Paw Paw balms* to try out.  I've long been a fan of other pawpaw products (namely Lucas' Papaw ointment) since I was introduced to them by a friend who had picked theirs up in Australia.  It really is wonder balm - dry lips? Check. Burns (of the light variety - I'm not talking 3rd degree - get yourself to a hospital!)? Check. Rashes? Check. Dry patches? Check. Mosquito bites? Check. I always have a tube on me so it was great to try out a different brand's pawpaw offering.

Dr PawPaw balm review

Dr PawPaw balm contains papaya, which aids in skin repair; olive oil, which is great for moisturising dry skin and hair; and aloe leaf juice, which restores moisture, promotes skin regeneration and minimises the appearance of pores.

Dr PawPaw balm review

Dr PawPaw is a little different to Lucas' as it comes in three different colours - Original Clear (shown above), Tinted Pink Peach (also shown above) and Tinted Red (not shown).  Having a tinted balm is great for when you want to add a little colour to dry lips and want to focus on moisturising rather than colour from a lipstick.  They say it can also be used for adding tint to cheeks - but I tried this and because it didn't completely absorb into the skin, it was a bit sticky and I kept getting it all over myself if I touched my cheek, so I'd stick to lips.

Dr PawPaw balm review

Dr PawPaw is £6.95 a tube, or £13.90 for 3 (and you can get different mixes of the colours for this).  You can find all the products at  

Have you ever tried pawpaw products?  What do you think?  What other uses do you have for them?  Let me know in the comments below!

*PR sample

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