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New Autumn Models Own Hypergel Collection Swatches and Review

Models Own Autumn Hypergel Swatches and Review

Last week Models Own added five new dark polishes to their Hypergel Collection*.  Ever since they released the first 10 colours back in February, with another 5 in May, I have been addicted to using the Hypergel polishes.  I genuinely don't think there are any polishes which are better quality and better value on the high street market at the moment.  Whenever anyone asks for polish recommendations from me, I will always point them in the direction of the Hypergels - and now that there are five lovely autumnal dark shades in the collection, it's become even more attractive at this time of year.  They are - Raven Red, Inky Blue, Ebony Green, Pitch Purple and Brunette Red - as seen below...

Models Own Autumn Hypergel Swatches and Review

I cannot fault the formula or the shine of the Hypergels.  They're supposed to have a gel-effect without needing a UV lamp, producing a long-lasting and chip resistant manicure.  It's quite a thick formula which means that you could potentially get away with wearing just one coat.  It also self-levels, which is brilliant if you find getting an even finish difficult.  It's also great at covering ridges in nails.  Although none of my swatches below have a top coat on them (seriously, they're naturally that glossy), if I was wearing one I would probably pop on a coat of Seche Vite or the Hypergel top coat to make it last even longer.  I spent last week trying out the different colours and was incredibly impressed that when I wore Raven Red, it lasted three whole days without a single chip - it would have lasted longer, had I not taken it off to do some swatching!  One thing I will say, is that they're a bit stainy when you take them off - which meant swatching was a little difficult as my skin got a bit discoloured!

Models Own Autumn Hypergel Swatches and Review
The lids all have the colour on them - brilliant if you keep polishes in a drawer like I do

Ebony Green

Models Own Autumn Hypergel Ebony Green swatchModels Own Autumn Hypergel Ebony Green swatch

Ebony Green* is a very dark racing green.  Green's not really a colour I tend to choose for my nails, but it's a lovely shade nevertheless - particularly as we move forward to Christmas.

Pitch Purple

Models Own Autumn Hypergel Pitch Purple swatchModels Own Autumn Hypergel Pitch Purple swatch

Pitch Purple* is a very dark imperial grape purple which isn't so dark that you can see it's purple.  I really love this colour - fun but sophisticated at the same time.  One coat was a bit sheer so I'd say it's a definite two-coater.  Probably my second favourite out of all the new colours.

Inky Blue

Models Own Autumn Hypergel Inky Blue swatchModels Own Autumn Hypergel Inky Blue swatch

Inky Blue* is a dark navy blue.  I really love this colour but it does remind me a bit of school uniform!  Definitely perfect for winter - and I can imagine that this one would look really awesome with some sort of glittery topper coming up for Christmas and the party season.

Brunette Red

Models Own Autumn Hypergel Brunette Red swatchModels Own Autumn Hypergel Brunette Red swatch

Brunette Red* is a rich crimson red - it's actually darker than the photos show (my camera hates red).  It was my surprise favourite of the new colours and the one I left last to try!  I wore it out on Saturday night with a black dress and matched it to my lipstick (a mix of Rimmel Provocalips in Play with Fire and Kiss Me You Fool if you're interested) - I felt so very grown up.  I'm not usually one for red nails - particularly scarlet shades because I think they look ridiculous on me but this is dark enough to make me love it and just stare at it.  This is definitely going to be a favourite for winter.

Raven Red

Models Own Autumn Hypergel Raven Red swatchModels Own Autumn Hypergel Raven Red swatch

Raven Red* is an almost-black vampy red.  When they arrived in the post I really thought that this one would be my stand out favourite - I'm a massive Chanel Rouge Noir fan (or at least, that colour - not the polish, it's awful) and so I'm always on the lookout for a good high street dupe... but this one is just a bit too dark to be a satisfactory dupe.  You can hardly tell it's red when it's on your nails which I think is a shame.  One coat of the polish is a bit more red because it's slightly more sheer - but it doesn't look like it has full coverage for me to be happy with it.

Which is your favourite of the five?  Are you going to buy any of them?  Do you love the Hypergels as much as I do?  Let me know in the comments below!

The new Models Own Hypergel Collection polishes are available now at Models Own Bottleshops and online at for £4.99 each.

*PR samples

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