Tuesday, 14 October 2014

HJ Manicure Lace and Vamp Swatches and Review

I always really enjoy the chance to try out new nail polish brands - and HJ Manicure is a prime example of a new British brand producing 5-free polishes.  Currently there are 20 polishes in the range, available for £9.50 each - but you get a whopping 15ml in the rather beautiful rectangular bottle for that - and there will be more shades and a Dual Top and Base Coat added for A/W 2014.

I chose to try Vamp* and Lace* - Vamp being a colour I have many varieties of in my collection (watch out for a post on them coming soon) and Lace being a colour I have none of in my collection (though I have tried to find the perfect cream in the past and failed - is this The One?)


HJ Manicure Vamp swatchHJ Manicure Vamp swatch

Vamp* is definitely a Chanel Rouge Noir-esque polish.  It is definitely one of my favourite colours to wear on my nails, particularly in autumn and winter, because it is sophisticated and really versatile in terms of what you can wear it with (anything, I reckon!)  Vamp has a lovely smooth formula, if a little on the thin/watery side - the photos above show two coats, but as you can see from my ring finger, probably three coats would be better.  The brush in the polish is super long (much longer than any other polishes I've come across) which can make it a little harder to keep steady I found.  It has a really shiny finish (no top coat in photos above) and I found it had really good lasting power.


HJ Manicure Lace swatchHJ Manicure Lace swatch

Lace* is a sheer cream colour polish - it really is quite transparent - the photos above show two coats and you can still see my nail line.  Three coats is a better colour, I found, but felt a bit tacky to the touch even with a quick dry top coat.  It's also very smooth to paint on and has a glossy finish.  I think it may just be the cream I've been looking for - not too white, not too beige and not ridiculously sheer.

Overall I really love these polishes from HJ Manicure and I'm looking forward to seeing what is to come from them in the coming weeks.

HJ Manicure polishes are available for £9.50 each from www.hjmanicure.com.

*PR samples

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