Monday, 8 September 2014

New Models Own Diamond Luxe Collection Swatches and Review - Part 1

I never fail to be excited when I get news of a new collection from Models Own - especially when I have to keep it under my hat for a few days before it's announced officially!  Although we saw the new Sweet Shop Collection only a couple of months ago, Models Own are bringing a new ten-polish selection to stores later this month in the form of the Diamond Luxe Collection*, which contains real diamond dust!  To be honest it's the closest I'm getting to diamonds right now!  The diamond dust is said to give the polishes a 'multi-dimensional super-sparkly finish, emulating that of any real diamond' so read on to see if I thought they lived up to that...

I was sent five of the ten polishes to review: Radiant Pink*, Carat Coral*, Trillion Taupe*, Pear Purple* and Asscher Blue*.  For swatches of the other five, be sure to check out the stunning swatches from Lucy's Stash and Brit Nails.

The first things to note about the packaging are the new gold bottle caps and gold writing which definitely gives these polishes a luxurious feel from the outset.  The brush is the familiar Models Own long brush which makes application easy.  Because of the diamond dust in the polishes, they're a little thicker and more textured than, say, the Hypergel polishes.  They're easy to apply and have pretty good opacity in one coat (Asscher Blue is on the transparent side) - actually I'd say the diamond shimmer is more noticeable with just one coat, but as I always wear two coats for block colour the shimmer effect is lessened.  They dry quickly with a slightly rough finish - so I have been wearing them with a top coat of Seche Vite (which the photos below show) to make them shimmery and glossy.

Radiant Pink

Radiant Pink is a properly bright sparkly Barbie pink - it almost looks neon in these photos!  Such a gorgeous girly pink.  The diamond dust in this one is silvery and shows up really well, particularly when it catches the light.  Below I've compared it to Gumballs from the Models Own Sweet Shop Collection.

Carat Coral

Carat Coral is a punchy orangey red coral - and the diamond dust has a slightly gold tint to it in this one.  I know Allie from Brit Nails had a few issues with this one being bumpy when she swatched it but I found it ok.  The shimmer isn't very obvious in this one which I think is a shame - below I've compared it to Pear Drops from the Models Own Sweet Shop Collection, which is much more sparkly.  

Trillion Taupe

Models Own Diamond Luxe Trillion Taupe swatchModels Own Diamond Luxe Trillion Taupe swatch

Trillion Taupe is a beige nude polish, with a faint golden shimmer in it.  Probably the polish in the collection which is most appropriate for work!  Below I've compared it to Fizzy Cola Bottles from the Models Own Sweet Shop Collection as I know some people on Instagram were interested to see these side by side - as you can see, Trillion Taupe is much paler and less brown.

Models Own Fizzy Cola Bottles vs Trillion Taupe comparison

Pear Purple

Pear Purple is a lovely lilac/lavender purple with a golden shimmer in it.  I love how bright it is - definitely one of my two favourites from the ones I was sent.  Below I've compared it to Purple Glaze, one of the Models Own Hypergel polishes.

Asscher Blue

Asscher Blue (the Asschers are a renowned diamond dynasty according to good old Wikipedia) is the other of my favourites from the polishes - such a stunning turquoise blue with a silver shimmer in it.  I adore this colour so much!  Below I've compared it to Blue Glint, one of the Models Own Hypergel polishes.

Overall - my two favourites are Pear Purple and Asscher Blue, with Radiant Pink coming in close after them.  From the ones I haven't tried out yet, I think Emerald Green is one I definitely want to get my hands on - and Marquise Maroon looks perfect for autumn and Christmas.

Models Own Diamond Luxe Collection
The whole Models Own Diamond Luxe Collection (photo courtesy of Models Own)

What do you think of the new Models Own Diamond Luxe Collection?  Are you excited?  Which colours do you think you'll be buying?

The Models Own Diamond Luxe Collection are £4.99 each and will be available on from 19th September, Models Own Bottle Shops from 20th September and Superdrug stores nationwide from 24th September.

*PR sample


  1. How easy are they to remove? Are they as difficult as a normal glitter polish?

    1. Not nearly as difficult! A bit harder than normal polish, but not nearly as frustrating as normal glitter polish.

    2. Oh good!

      Lovely swatches as always! I can't wait to get them :)

  2. For some reason I thought Trillion Taupe and Fizzy Cola Bottles would be quite similar but obviously not LOL great swatches, that blue is stunning and I really can't wait to see that green with my own eyes as well!

  3. I love nail polishes with shimmer so I have to think which one to choose. Great swatches!