Monday, 11 August 2014

Triplet Nails: Water Spotted with Models Own Polish For Tans and Ice Neons

I'm back!  It feels like a long while since I last posted - the reason for my absence (as you may have seen on Instagram) was that I've been teaching in Rwanda.  I had the most wonderful and memorable trip - if you want to read more about what we got up to, we wrote a daily blog here:

Today is the second instalment of Triplet Nails.  A couple of months ago Aimée of Pinkglow's Pretty Polish and Lauren of The Naily Mail and I posted our first Triplet Nails where we tried out the saran wrap method.  This time we decided on the water-spotted technique - which is, it turns out, easier than I anticipated.  In fact it looks a bit like water marbling, but I found it a whole lot easier than I do water marbling, which always ends up in a not-so-hot mess.

In short for the water-spotted technique:
1. Paint a base colour and let it dry.
2. Mask your fingers with scotch tape.
3. Into a cup of filtered room temperature water, drop a few drops of polish and let it spread out.
4. Spray the polish on the surface with an old perfume (you could try an aerosol hairspray too, apparently it works, but I can't confirm that) so that the polish separates out into spots.
5. Dip your finger in the water, nail side down.
6. Use a toothpick or orange stick to clear up the excess polish.
7. Lift finger out very carefully and clear up cuticles with acetone and a paintbrush.

I used Models Own Bikini (yellow) as a base (over a coat of Models Own White Light).  For the spotted/marble effect I used Models Own Shades, Sun Hat and Beach Bag from the Polish for Tans Collection as well as Models Own Bubblegum and Pink Punch from the Ice Neons Collection.

This is what Aimée did with this technique - I love how much more spotted hers is than mine! (I think it was the hairspray she used rather than the perfume I used). 

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Lauren did a double waterspotting and the result is a beautiful stone-like design.  I love this one too!

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