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New from Too Faced: Bulletproof Eyeliner, Cat Eyes Palette and Cocoa Powder Foundation

New make up from Too Faced: Bulletproof eyeliner, Cat Eyes palette and Cocoa Powder Foundation

Back last October when I was in New York I discovered the make up brand Too Faced and wrote a review of the products I bought then here.  I loved the fun packaging and the Natural Eyes palette I bought then has become one of my favourite go-to palettes because the eyeshadows have great pigment and last really well.  Since I have rather fallen for the brand, I was gutted to miss out on the launch event for their latest releases as I was in Istanbul en route to Africa.  However, I've been testing out the  new products over the last week and I am as delighted with them as I was with my first haul last year.

New make up from Too Faced: Bulletproof eyeliner, Cat Eyes palette and Cocoa Powder Foundation

Too Faced already have a variety of foundations in their line up already, as well as other chocolatey products (the Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette has been on my wish list to try for a while now... one day it will be mine!) but now they are adding the Cocoa Powder Foundation* (£28).  Truth be told, I'm a liquid foundation girl because I like how it blends in with my skin and gives light coverage - I've always been a bit scared of powder being a bit too obviously powdery, but this has a really lovely smooth, light, matte 'rose petal' finish.  I've not been using it over my whole face, just on my nose and forehead to minimise the appearance of my pores and the lines which these days are looking less fine than I'd like them to (so I suppose I've been using it as a setting powder rather than a foundation).  It works well in these areas because it is also oil-absorbing and rich with anti-oxidants.  It smells completely and utterly divine - beautifully chocolatey and is an added bonus (though it doesn't linger long enough to give you chocolate cravings thankfully).  There are eight shades available so you should be able to find one to match your skin.  I've got Light Medium and it works pretty well with my skin tone.  [p.s. there's a sponge to apply the powder in a little compartment under the powder pan... which took me a couple of days to discover!]

New from Too Faced: Cat Eyes Palette

The new release I was perhaps most excited about was the Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette* (£32) - a 'ferociously feminine eye shadow and liner collection'.  It's got the same layout as the Natural Eyes palette I already own - three big base shadows and six smaller, darker colours.  The difference with this one is that three of the small colours can also be used wet as eyeliners, which is awesome - so it's like having twelve colours!  The shadows are a mixture of matte, shimmer and glitter shadows - but none of these are over the top.  They're really pigmented (though they didn't show up particularly well on my arm below...!) and they glide on really easily.  I found it easy to use the shadows wet, too, and got quite a few compliments when I tried out the Day and Classic looks which are in the pull-out glamour guide in front of the mirror in the lid.

New from Too Faced: Cat Eyes Palette swatch
Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette swatched (far right column shows the colours wet)

The last of the new products is the Too Faced Bulletproof 24 Hour Eyeliner* (£19 each).  There are eight colours in the range and they're designed to be a one-stop solution for creating different eye looks.  They're double ended - with the eyeliner on one end and the blending ball on the other [if you pull off the blending ball there's also a sneaky built in sharpener, which again took me about a week to discover...]  You can use the eyeliner for a sharp, precise line or smoke it out with the blending ball (a hard spongey ball) - or you can use it all over the eyelid and blend it out.  (It says you have 60 seconds  to blend and smudge it before the colour locks down).  It honestly is bulletproof as the name would suggest - when I tested it out on my hand I tried to rub it off with micellar water (admittedly it was the REN one which is a bit useless anyway) and it literally didn't budge.  It's not a cheap eyeliner, but for its indestructibility alone it deserves a higher-than-usual price tag.  I'll certainly be investigating the other shades in the collection, which includes a black, a few browns, purple, green, silver and white.  (Shown below are Purple Rain and Dirt Bag).

Too Faced Bulletproof 24 Hour Eyeliner

Too Faced Bulletproof 24 Hour Eyeliner swatch
Too Faced Bulletproof Eyeliners (top just crayon, bottom smudged with blending ball)

So, some fabulous new releases from Too Faced.  They'll all be available from Debenhams online and in selected Debenhams stores.  Have you tried Too Faced before?  Which of these releases are you most excited about?

*PR samples

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  1. I love Too Faced - can't wait for their Holiday palettes! By the way, the liners in Dirt Bag and Purple Rain looks so pretty :)

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