Friday, 15 August 2014

Nail Painting with Street Children in Rwanda and Models Own Artstix

I may have mentioned this once or twice recently(!), but I took a few weeks off from the blog earlier in the summer because I was with a group of UK teachers teaching children and training teachers in Kamembe in south west Rwanda.  I'll be doing another post soon about more of the things we got up to, but today I just wanted to focus on a fab afternoon we had with the street children of Kamembe at the Baho Neza Mwana centre.  You can read the post about the day from our daily blog here.

Baho Neza Mwana takes in children who, for various reasons, either do not have families or do not have families who take proper care of them.  The project is funded by Rwanda Aid and aims to give the children shelter if they need it, as well as keeping them busy with fun activities and helping them to learn skills such as sewing.  Eventually they would like to see all the children reintegrated into their families or families found for them to live with permanently.

We spent an afternoon getting to know the young people at the centre, making loom band bracelets, playing football - and painting nails!  The girls had never had their nails painted before, so Jo and I showed them how it was done as well as attempting some quite intricate nail art on them.  Perhaps the biggest challenge was trying to explain that they must not touch anything until the polish had dried.  One very special little girl even painted our nails for us and the older girls had a lot of fun painting their own toe nails for the first time in their lives.  A huge thank you to Models Own for donating all the Artstix polishes, Nail Art pens and Nail Art Tool Kits - the girls were delighted that we were leaving all the goodies behind for them to carry on using after we'd gone!

Photos speak louder than words sometimes - and I couldn't resist some of them, so this is a photo-heavy post:

Even the littlest had her nails painted

We had our nails painted too!
Learning how to paint nails
One of the most-requested designs
It wasn't just the girls who wanted their nails painted!

If you'd like to read more about our trip to Rwanda, you can find our blog here.


  1. Such a happy, fun post. Loving the nail art XX

  2. I think this was an amazing thing you did Madison! It's so nice of models own to donate some nail polishes too! It looks like all of the children loved it - you can tell from your photos! :)