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Kiko Foot Treatments Review

Kiko Foot Treatments Review

In the last few months my feet have really been through the wars: at the beginning of the year I trained for three months for a half marathon which resulted in losing a couple of toenails (sorry, gross, I know - just be grateful I'm not posting a photo of that!).  Far from ideal when summer was approaching and sandals and flip flops were going to be my footwear of choice for the foreseeable future.  [As a side point, I discovered that fake toe nails are a thing and they saved too much grossness - but we also had a hilarious incident in Istanbul when one flew off my toe and five of us spent five minutes trying to find it among the cobbles in the street].  This summer also saw me spending two weeks in Rwanda (I haven't mentioned it much, have I?!) and my feet were subjected to a lot of dust and very little time for care... so, when I returned home to find a lovely package of the new Kiko Foot Treatments* waiting for me, I couldn't have been more delighted.

Kiko Foot Treatments Review

My cuticles on my fingers are a bit angry and red at the moment so instead of swatching a rather large pile of nail polishes this weekend, I decided to give my feet some attention.  I started by using the Hand & Foot Stone Scrub* (£5.90/75ml) to exfoliate my feet by applying it on to dry skin and massaging it in.  The scrub has pumice stone in it which smoothes out cracked feet and heels.  After rubbing it in for a minute or two I rinsed my feet in lukewarm water.  (You can also use this scrub on your hands).  It smells really lovely, but it's a fragrance I can't put my finger on - sort of fruity and minty at the same time.  Definitely a scrub I'll be using again!

Kiko Foot Treatments Review

The second step was putting the Intensive Foot Socks (£4.90/1 disposable pair) on whilst I sat back with a cup of tea to watch Orphan Black (another side note - I'm addicted, have you seen it yet?  The first season is on Netflix now...).  The socks are plastic on the outside with a layer of cotton fleece inside (the sort of stuff you put on plants to prevent frost) which has cream in it.  There are little adhesive tabs on the ankle to keep the socks on (or you can put a normal pair of socks over the top).  Whilst the socks are on the instructions say to massage your feet to encourage the treatment to work and leave them on for 10-15 minutes (I left them on for about 45 because I got involved in the tv...) When you take them off you massage in the rest of the cream and my feet really do feel so smooth and soft.  I'm going to carry on using the Foot & Heel Relief Cream* (£5.90/75ml) at night to keep my feet as soft as possible.

Kiko Intensive Foot Socks Review

Also included in my package was a lovely nail polish in Mint* (#526) (£2.50) and a four-sided nail buffer* (£3.90).

Do you use any foot care treatments?  What do you use?  Will you think about trying out these ones from Kiko?

You can buy all of the products in this post in Kiko stores and on

*PR samples

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