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Joan Collins Nail Lacquer Review

Joan Collins Nail Lacquer review
Melanie, Lady Joan and Evelyn

"I don't feel dressed without nail lacquer.  It's as essential to me as lipstick." - Joan Collins
Ah, Joan.  How I agree that I feel naked without nail polish these days.  We all know I'm a nail polish addict - and therefore I'm always keen to try out new polishes.  Recently I was sent three polishes from the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty* range.  Now, I know what you're probably thinking - since when did Joan Collins have a range of beauty products?  Well she does and I have to say these polishes are great quality.  Admittedly the packaging and names of the polishes probably aren't going to appeal to the younger end of the market - and the colours could possibly be considered a bit too traditional for those who don't tend to wear shades of red and pink.  But a polish is a polish and once it's on your nails, who cares what the bottle looked like or what it's called - I just want to know that the formula is going to be smooth, opaque and last well. 

The long tapered cap is supposed to aid the application of the polish.  For me, the jury's still out on whether I find it easier than a 'regular' cap, but it's certainly not difficult to use.  I was impressed with just how smoothly the polish glided on and the finish was opaque and shiny within two coats.  The photos below are without top coat.

One thing I should say before I get to the swatches is that my camera lens really struggles to render reds and pinks accurately - so I've done these as best I can...


Joan Collins Nail Lacquer EvelynJoan Collins Nail Lacquer Evelyn

Evelyn* is a fresh, pinky coral which is lovely for spring and summer.  It's probably my favourite of the three I was sent.

Lady Joan

Joan Collins Nail Lacquer Lady JoanJoan Collins Nail Lacquer Lady Joan

Lady Joan* is fuchsia with a raspberry tint to it.  I love it in the bottle - but on my nails it feels a bit too grown up!


Joan Collins Nail Lacquer MelanieJoan Collins Nail Lacquer Melanie

Melanie* is a pale violet - which apparently favours 'cool' skin tones and darker colouring - and having tried it on my nails, I'm inclined to agree.  It's a fun colour, but again I feel it perhaps leans towards slightly more grown up nails!

The quality of the polishes - the silky application and opaque finish - is what really sells these polishes to me and I think there's a lot to be said for a polish that I enjoy the process of painting my nails with (there's nothing worse than a streaky or gloopy or sticky polish in my book).  Colour-wise, they're not my favourite shades, but Evelyn will definitely be gracing my nails again this summer!

There are 8 colours in the range - all red/orange/pink and they're currently £12.50/12ml each on

*PR samples

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  1. I actually love that packaging, and I do think a good ol' pink n red polish are staples for nail collections :)
    Lovely photos too

    I also just posted a new haul on my blog :)