Friday, 4 July 2014

Born Pretty Store Rose Water Decals Review

Born Pretty Store rose water decals

I wrote about Born Pretty Store water decals recently here.  That was my first experience of water decals and I'm not sure how they worked so well.  These little roses* (which were item #12672-G124A but they don't seem to exist any more, so these seem to be the new version of them) I have been so excited about trying out because I thought they'd look perfect with Essie Fiji.

Once I'd figured out how to use them, they were super easy.  The instructions on the packet are rubbish though.  You get a sheet of designs, which you cut out to the design you want.  Then you peel off the cellophane bit and plunge the picture plus backing paper into water - for about 20-30 seconds.  This loosens the design, which you then need to use tweezers to peel off the backing paper (I made the rooky error of placing the design on its backing paper straight onto my nail (like you used to do with fake tattoos) - which meant the design was back to front, not cool).  Once you've tweezered your decal into the right place, you're ready to topcoat it with something like Seche Vite.

Born Pretty Store rose water decals with Essie Mint Candy AppleBorn Pretty Store rose water decals with Essie Fiji

Born Pretty Store rose water decals

Have you ever tried any water decals?  What do you think of the design I created here?

Lots and lots of water decals and hundreds of other nail art products are available on - with free worldwide shipping.  Born Pretty Store have given me a 10% off discount code to share with you - just enter FFH10 at checkout!

*PR sample 

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  1. Great design! I found the instructions really weird on the packet too! :)