Monday, 9 June 2014

Triplet Nails: Blue and White Saran Wrap

Barry M Blue and White Saran Wrap Bubble Wrap nails

When I first started blogging, I came across Aimée of Pinkglow's Pretty Polish and Lauren of The Naily Mail and the three of us have been doing it for about the same amount of time and they've both been super supportive on my journey into the blogging world.  We've been talking about doing 'Triplet Nails' (our take on Twinsie Nails) for ages, but now we've got around to it - we'll be doing it as and when we feel like it in future, so we don't feel tied down to it. This time we chose the Saran Wrap method to try out because none of us had tried it before.  (Saran Wrap is the American for cling film, if you're a UK reader).  However, I decided that cling film was a bit too flimsy after I tried it the first time and saw some bubble wrap in front of me and gave that a go instead.  Much better effect!

After trying out a dark blue base with other colours on top and discovering they didn't show up particularly well, I realised a light base with darker colours on top might turn out better.  I used three of the new Barry M Gelly polishes for my nails - a base of Coconut (an off white), then I bubblewrapped Elderberry (a pale grey blue) and Damson (a bright almost royal blue).  It's a really simple technique - you just need to make sure that the base coat is totally dry before using the wrap.  I did a coat of Seche Vite on top of the base coat to make sure it dried quickly and properly.  I've done a mini video tutorial of this which will be up on my Instagram later today so you can see how I did it there.

Barry M Blue Saran Wrap Bubble Wrap nailsBarry M Coconut Saran Wrap Bubble Wrap nails

Barry M Elderberry Saran Wrap Bubble Wrap nailsBarry M Damson Saran Wrap Bubble Wrap nails

I adore what Lauren and Aimée have done with their Saran Wrap manis - click on the photos or links below to take you to their posts and more information on the polishes they used.


Have you ever done a Saran Wrap mani?  What colours do you think would look good?


  1. Triplet Nails is such a great idea! It makes a change from Twinsie Nails too! Using Bubble Wrap gives a really great effect! The colours you've used work so well together and I love Aimee and Lauren's designs too! :)

  2. Bubble wrap??? Did you mean plastic wrap? I can't see how bubble wrap would work cuz you can't scrunch it up like plastic wrap....unless you pop the bubbles first which would be so much fun LOL. =P

    1. No, I meant bubble wrap! And yes you pop it a bit first :)