Tuesday, 6 May 2014

NEW Models Own Microdots 'Glitter' Topper Review

Models Own Microdots

Whilst I was at Westfield White City yesterday I had to pay a visit to the Models Own Bottleshop to see the lovely Models Own girls - Ellie, Aisha and Nara.  They all looked after me so well, as usual!  As well as a bit of a gossip and nail-related chat they told me that a brand-spanking-new polish had been released on Saturday in the form of a glitter topper and it's called Microdots which is quite a cute name.  Obviously I had to buy a bottle just so I could try it out (and swatch it!)

Models Own Microdots

Models Own Microdots contains little hex glitters in red, royal blue, aqua blue, peach and pale yellow all in a clear base.  I say glitter, but they're not shiny, they're matte - so are they still called glitter?  I'll be honest, it's a little bit of a random mix of colours I think.  But it's nice to see Models Own giving a nod to all the indie polish makers around, who create polish like this already (TarasTalsons springs to mind, for example).  The 'glitter' needed a bit of arranging on the nail - and I thought it was most effective with just one coat, rather than two which just looked messy.  The polish took a bit of a while to dry, but with a quick dry top coat it solved the problem.

I tried it over Models Own Banana Split (baby yellow), Models Own Blueberry Tart (baby blue) and Models Own Hypergel White Light to see which it worked best over... and I think it probably looks best over white - but it would probably look good over black too actually.

Models Own Microdots Swatch GlossyModels Own Microdots Swatch Matte
Left -  with glossy top coat (No 7 Stay Perfect), Right - with matte top coat (Rimmel Matte Pro)

I wasn't sure about it with the glossy top coat, but after I tried a matte top coat I loved it - I think this is definitely a glitter which works well being matte (since it's not actually glittery to start with).  Which do you prefer?

Models Own Microdots Swatch

Overall?  A really fun top coat to make a mani a bit more interesting.  Admittedly, if I wasn't a nail blogger I probably wouldn't have bought it.  I'm not a massive fan of this sort of topcoat, I would usually prefer to go for some sort of nail art - but this is definitely a quick way of spicing up a plain polish and I actually love the matte look I went for in the end.

Models Own Microdots is currently only available at the Models Own Bottleshops, priced £5.

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  1. Really nice swatches, glad I read this first though as I can see it definitely looks nicer with the matte topcoat! A pretty summery topcoat too, it kind of reminds me of the multicoloured confetti you get at New Years.