Monday, 19 May 2014

NEW Models Own Fruit Pastels: Coconut Cream and Peach Melba

Models Own has done it once again and added more polishes to its line up.  Last week saw the release in Bottleshops and on of two new Fruit Pastels scented polishes: Coconut Cream and Peach Melba.  These two add to the existing Fruit Pastels collection of five polishes which were released in spring 2013.  I'm really glad to see that they've added a pale orange as a) I don't have one and b) I thought the original line up could have done with one.  I'm not so bothered about another white polish, as I already have (and adore) White Light from the Hypergels collection.

Models Own Coconut Cream and Peach Melba

Coconut Cream

Models Own Coconut Cream swatchModels Own Coconut Cream swatch

Coconut Cream is an off-white white - I'm not sure it's the colour of coconuts, it reminds me more of toasted marshmallow.  When not compared to white, it just looks white, but put it next to White Light (as you'll see below), it's definitely not pure white.  The smell of coconut is intense - think Malibu and you've got Coconut Cream.  It's a nice smell - at first... but I have to say, having worn it for a day last week, it was rather a relief to take it off because it's so sweet and overpowering.  You have to love coconut to wear this polish!  Even a topcoat didn't dull the smell at all.  

Models Own Coconut Cream vs White Light swatch

Peach Melba

Models Own Peach Melba swatchModels Own Peach Melba swatch

Peach Melba has a much more pleasant smell - I'd say it's quite close to peach, but isn't quite there.  It reminds me of something from my childhood I just cannot put my finger on what it is (sorry, useless help).  Colour-wise, I love this baby tangerine polish - it will look fantastic with a tan and I love the fact that it completes the rest of the pastel colours in the original Fruit Pastels collection.

It's worth commenting on the formula of these.  As you can see in the photos above - my swatches are less than flawless.  These two are very similar in consistency to the original Fruit Pastels - unfortunately I find them rather gloopy... one coat isn't enough for opacity, two just about does it (all the photos above show two coats), but ideally for colour I'd go for three - but then the polish looks really thick and gummy, not ideal.  One thin coat dries pretty speedily, but I found two stayed tacky for quite a while and three was a nightmare!  Finishing with a topcoat of Seche Vite helped a bit, but sadly I did rather struggle with these polishes.  I'm sure there will be others who can make them look perfect, but not me, not today!

The two new Fruit Pastels polishes are available in Bottleshops and online at for £5 each.


  1. Great swatches and review! I'm looking forward to trying these out at the weekend

  2. Great review! I love the look of Coconut Cream - I really like how it smells of Malibu too! It's a shame about the formula though, I have the same problem with Grape Juice from their first scented collection! Peach Melba looks like the perfect colour too! :)

  3. definately I need to write Coconut cream on my list of polishes to buy :)