Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Boots Aftersun Care: Soltan Body Butter and No7 Body Shimmer

Boots aftersun care: No7 Body Shimmer and Soltan Body Butter

At the Boots #BootsCamp event a few weeks ago, the onset of summer and the new season's products were the main topic of conversation.  One of my favourite things about summer is suncream.  I know, I know that sounds bizarre, but I just love the smell of it because it holds so many memories of summers past.  Everyone has their favourite sun protection brand and mine for as long as I can remember has been Boots Soltan, and year-in year-out it's what I stock up on.

I'm not planning a proper sun-packed beach holiday this year - I am actually going to Rwanda... and although I'm going to be indoors teaching kids for the first week and training teachers for the second and therefore unlikely to be seeing too much sun, I'll be taking some sun cream with me just in case.  Now, obviously, if you use the sun cream properly, you'll not have so much need for the pain-relieving aspects of aftersun, but replenishing your skin with moisture at the end of a day's sunbathing is both vital for avoiding wrinkles (though not sunbathing would be best for that...) and for prolonging your hard-earned tan.  I also love the routine of having a shower after a day in the sun, getting all the cream off me and covering myself in aftersun before going out for the evening meal (and then probably reapplying before bed).

Boots have got a whole range of aftersun products, but there are two I wanted to talk about today.  The first is No7 Body Shimmer Aftersun* (£9.50/200ml).  It's a golden-coloured lotion which I think smells lovely, but I don't think it would be to everybody's taste because it's perhaps a little synthetic.  There are notes of aloe vera in it, but it's reminiscent of the smell of traditional aftersun.  The best thing about it is the subtle shimmer it contains (sorry, I should have got a photo of it, but it's so subtle that it probably wouldn't have shown up well on camera) which would really enhance a tan and I think it would look particularly good on the legs - the glittery particles are tiny and you therefore don't feel like you're in some sort of mid-90s disco glitter disaster, which I find is always a bonus.

The second aftersun product to mention is the Soltan Intensely Moisturising Aftersun Body Butter* (currently £3.50/300ml, usually £7).  It's a big tub of cream, so potentially not ideal for light holiday packing (think a two week holiday rather than a weekend away).  It contains shea butter and almond oil, which sooth and reduce dryness as well as help to prevent peeling (essential if you want to keep that tan).  It hasn't got the same consistency as normal body butter - it's smoother, lighter and more creamy, but at the same time is quite thick (yes, you can have light and thick!)  It rubs in easily and feels a lot more moisturising than the standard aftersun you can get.  I imagine this would feel fantastic if you had accidentally gone a little pink.  The smell is pleasant and the shea butter fragrance comes through lightly.

Trying out these aftersun products makes me want to book myself a beach holiday in the sun so that I can make the most of them... let's just hope that summer in England this year is as good as it was last year!

Have you got any holidays booked this summer?  What are your favourite sun care products?  Let me know in the comments below!

*PR samples

Both the No7 Body Shimmer Aftersun and the Soltan Body Butter are available in Boots stores and online at  There's currently a 3 for 2 offer on, which the No7 qualifies for and it's half price on selected Soltan suncare at the moment which the body butter qualifies for.  Bargain!


  1. I wish I could use things like this! sadly I'm allergic to sundress and after sun so have to use a very specific medical one... They do sound good though :)

    1. Ah no! That makes me sad :( They should make a medical one with sparkles in it!!! x