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The Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Swatches and Review

The Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Swatches and Review

Today I'm excited to be showing swatches from a new British boutique lacquer brand called The Lacquer Lab.  They are cruelty and toxin-free and take influence from all the British indie polish-makers currently around.  At the moment they have a lots of different sorts of polishes in their range including cremes, holos, glitters and pearls.  One of their new collections, however, is called the Naked Ladies*, which is a nod towards the nude nail trend and is inspired by iconic ladies who like to bare their skin!  It's a fun name for a collection, although I'm hoping as a blogger it's not going to bring my blog untoward traffic...

The Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection
Dita, Pamela, Nude Maja and Nymphette

Let's introduce the Naked Ladies then... I was sent four from the collection of six to review: Dita*, Pamela*, Nude Maja* and Nymphette*.  (The other two are Venus, a pearlescent peach, and Kleopatra, a milky chocolate nude creme).  They're all fab colours for the spring/summer season especially now the trend is for lighter, brighter polishes on our talons.  What's also great about the collection is that there is a shade to suit everybody.  All of the polishes are really well pigmented - and almost opaque with just one coat (with the exception of Nymphette because it's pearlescent it's a bit sheer).  I found that I needed to do three coats for the swatches below of Pamela and Nude Maja, because even though they were pretty opaque, I found them looking a bit streaky in places when I first painted on the polish.  When it dried it did look more smooth, but I opted for a third coat just to make sure.  They dried well and are glossy, too - I wasn't wearing any top coat in the photos below.


The Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Pamela swatchThe Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Pamela swatch

Pamela, named after the 90s beach babe of the Anderson variety, is what I would describe as a salmony rosy pink - the photos above are pretty accurate colour match (my camera often doesn't like pinks).  Two coats would really be enough, but it started drying quite quickly which meant it was a little tricky to smooth out. Three coats was perfect though.


The Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Dita swatchThe Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Dita swatch

Dita, inspired by the iconic burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese, really is an iconic shade in itself.  It is just stunning. A peachy nude polish with a warm tone to it. Perfection in just two coats.

Nude Maja

The Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Nude Maja swatchThe Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Nude Maja swatch

Nude Maja, taking its name from Goya's painting La Maja Desnuda, is a colder nude polish, described as greige - a mixture of cream and grey tones. 


The Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Nymphette swatchThe Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection Nymphette swatch

Nymphette, amusingly defined as a sexually precocious and desirable girl, is a milky chocolatey nude polish with a pearlescent, slightly matte finish.  A lovely sophisticated shade with a playful edge, it's sensible but says coyly that it could be persuaded to have fun.  It was opaque in two coats.

Overall thoughts?  Well as a rule I'm not usually a nude polish wearer since I gravitate towards more colourful, stand out shades.  That said, I love having nude polishes in my collection because occasionally when I want to be a bit more sensible and demure, I'll opt for one - and I'm sure that I'll be reaching towards these over the coming months.  My particular favourite has to be Dita, she looked so perfect against my skin tone and will match one of my pairs of court shoes to the note!  I think my least favourite (though not to say I didn't like it) was Nude Maja because I didn't think her grey tone went quite so well with my skin.

Venus, Nymphette, Kleopatra, Nude Maja, Pamela and Dita

I love  a brand that is friendly and keen to interact with its customers - and The Lacquer Lab certainly fits the bill in that regard. Since it's a newbie to the polish scene they're all about increasing their presence on social media - so go follow them on InstagramTwitter and Facebook to keep up to date with new collections, swatches and sales.

You can find The Lacquer Lab Naked Ladies Collection (and others) on priced at £7 each, or £35 for the collection.  [I couldn't resist buying the glitters in their Easter sale as a little back to work present for myself... oh come on, how could I not, one is called Clarissa Explains It All! Brilliant.]

*PR samples

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  1. These are so pretty! Really impressed with the gloss finish even without top coat x