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Nuxe: Huile Prodigieuse OR, Reve de Miel Lip Balm and Sun Protection Review

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, Reve de Miel Lip Balm and Sun Protection

Last week I went to a launch event for Nuxe, a brand very well known in France but little known over here at the moment.  We were introduced to one of their hero products, Huile Prodigieuse, in both its original and OR forms.  This is a multi-purpose dry oil for use on face, body and hair - on the face it can be used as a highlighter on cheekbones; on the body it optimises moisturiser and softens skin; and on hair it can be used as a mask by applying and then wrapping in a warm towel for 10 minutes before rinsing and washing with normal shampoo.  We were given a bottle of Huile Prodigieuse OR* (£34/100ml) to try out and I am so excited about being able to use this in the summer.  It has a beautiful golden shimmer to it which doesn't look like you've plastered yourself in 90s glitter, but will really enhance a golden tan.  The smell is so very luxurious - buttery and slightly nutty (unsurprising when it contains sweet almond, hazelnut and macadamia oils).

Nuxe Sun Protection review

Nuxe are also launching this summer a range of sun protection products, from tanning oil to sun lotion to self tanner.  These again have a really delicious scent, which has subtle notes of coconut and really hardly smells like sun lotion at all!  If you're in to your higher-end sun protection ranges then this may be a good one to look into (certainly go to M&S to smell it, you won't regret it!)  I've been trying out the Nuxe Milky Spray for Face and Body SPF 20* (£17/150ml) which has a lovely non-oily and non-greasy consistency which is something I always appreciate in sun lotion (means I don't mind reapplying it!) and rubs in really quickly.  The fragrance is really special and means that the lotion is enjoyable to wear (you won't need perfume...)

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, Reve de Miel Lip Balm and Sun Protection

The final product from Nuxe I've been trying out is the Reve de Miel Lip Balm* (£9.50/15ml).  Apparently this is another must-have product and one is sold every 28 seconds throughout the world (or was in 2009-2010) which sounds mad but obviously it's a pretty popular lip balm!  It nourishes, repairs and protects lips with its formula containing honey, plant oils, shea butter and grapefruit essence.  It's a thick balm and both the honey and grapefruit can be identified.  When I wear it at night, I can still feel it on my lips the next morning and they do feel super soft.  I probably wouldn't wear it during the day, because it's quite heavy duty and a little sticky, but for night repair I think it's great.

Nuxe products can be found online at, as well as at various stockists such as Marks and Spencer, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and Space NK.

*PR samples

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