Saturday, 5 April 2014

Models Own New Summer HyperGels: Swatches and Review

To celebrate the beginning of my Easter holiday yesterday, I popped along to the Models Own Bottleshop at Westfield White City to pick up some of the new Polish For Tans collection (which I did, but they'll be in a post later this week).  What I actually discovered was that five new Hypergels had been released just that afternoon and only in Bottleshops.  So of course I had to pick them up!  I've not seen any press about these at all, either from Models Own or from other bloggers, so it was a total suprise to find them.  (If you remember seeing the publicity shots for the Hypergels, Purple Glaze was actually one of the five - but everyone thought it was Lilac Sheen!)

I managed to spend an entire hour hanging out at the Bottleshop yesterday with the lovely Ellie, Gillaine and Aisha chatting polish and nail art!   Ellie is always super helpful (and so very patient) when it comes to choosing polish and she even remembers what polishes I bought back in April last year...! How is it possible for her to have that good a memory?!  Anyway, they were great fun and always make Bottleshop visits a total pleasure.

I was a little bit disappointed by the range of colours - four reds/pinks and a purple - especially as they looked so similar to three of the Hypergels which came out earlier in the year.  Apparently the reason for the abundance of these colours is due to demand - what I forget sometimes as a nail polish enthusiast is that probably the majority of polish-wearers in the world are after the more classic reds and pinks - so Models Own have clearly been listening to their customers.  However, having spent the morning swatching them, I've actually fallen in love with all four of the pink-hued polishes (and the purple, but that's a given) and am likely to wear all of them over the coming months.

Like the ten Hypergels released earlier in the year, these are supposed to have a gel-like formula, without the need for UV to set them.  The new five all have a similar formula - they are quite thick and so you could definitely get away with one coat if you were in a hurry (with maybe the exception of Purple Glaze).  They dry impressively quickly for such thick polishes and dry with a lovely glossy finish which doesn't really need a top coat.

To swatches!


Models Own April Hypergel Watermelon swatchModels Own April Hypergel Watermelon vs Red Lustre swatch

Watermelon is a beautiful bright, slightly corally, red.  When I first saw it I thought it was basically Red Lustre, but that's a true pillar-box red whereas Watermelon is slightly lighter, and as the name obviously suggests, has a bit more fruitiness to it.  I love it and reckon it'll be one of my favourite summer shades.

Summer Solstice

Models Own Hypergel Summer Solstice swatchModels Own Hypergel Summer Solstice vs Coral Glaze swatch

Summer Solstice is a beautiful tangeriney pale orange which will look great with a tan!  Another lovely summer shade to go with the sun we're hoping for this year.  It's much more orangey than Coral Glaze which was released earlier in the year.


Sundress is a rich magenta pink - and so hard to photograph! The comparison with Cerise Shine actually shows Sundress more accurately.  It's beautiful and bright and a real hot pink.  I love the name Sundress, too, and can't wait to wear this one with my actual pink sundress come summer!

Searing Pink

Searing Pink is a lighter pink than Sundress and has an element of salmon about it, though it's not as corally as salmon is.  It's another proper bright pink!  Compared to Cerise Shine, which is a blueish pink, Searing Pink is more of an orange pink.  Not sure I've described that particularly well!

Purple Glaze

Purple Glaze is a lavender purple, which is as bright as the rest of the new Hypergel offerings.  Oddly this was the streakiest of the colours and definitely needed two coats for full opacity.  But, it's so pretty!  It's a really girly purple and I can't wait to wear this one again.  I compared it to Pukka Purple, from the Ice Neons Collection, and you can see that although it's similar, it's a few shades lighter.

So my overall thoughts on the New Models Own Summer Hypergels?  I think they're great - and genuinely love them all, even if they are quite similar to some of the ones released earlier in the year.  I'm sure they will make a lot of red/pink wearers very happy, too.  If I were to choose a favourite I'd have a hard time just picking one, so perhaps my favourite two - to my surprise (as I'm not an orange person), Summer Solstice would be one and the other Purple Glaze, with Sundress coming in a very close third.

The new Models Own Hypergel polishes are currently available at Models Own Bottleshops and on for £5 each.


  1. I love how Models Own have released these without telling anyone! Great swatches and I love the comparisons too! I think Sundress and Purple Haze are my favourite! :)

    1. Thanks! I know - quite fun to go to the bottleshop yesterday and discover them!!

  2. You're so lucky to live near a bottleshop! I'd love to get my hands on Watermelon, I've been on the search for that sort of shade for yonks so I hope they're getting a nationwide release soon :-)

    1. It's dangerous living so close to a Bottleshop!! I'm sure they'll roll out the new Hypergels soon...! x

  3. Your pictures are amazing, they look so glossy! I actually really like all of these shades which is quite unusual for me. I wonder why they've not tweeted about these or had them featured on any blogs? They tweet all the time about the other new collections x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Thanks! Yeah I was surprised that I really liked them all too! No idea why there's been no press on these yet - suppose they're pushing the Polish For Tans collection...? x

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  5. I love these swatches! I always find it really helpful when there is something to compare a new colour to. I am surprised that there are a few similar shades, but like you say, they are all a bit different and they are going for what 'most people' will wear

  6. I love Sundress and Searing Pink - they're lovely shades of pink, and very bright and summery! I think I like them both even better than Cerise Shine! Thanks for showing these off :-D xx