Friday, 21 February 2014

We Heart Nail Art: River Island Valentine's Day Nail Art Competition

Ok, so I'm a week late... BUT I couldn't let Valentine's Day go past without doing a little Valentine's Day manicure.  This is also my entry into River Island's We Heart Nail Art competition.  I've even done a quick tutorial for this design if you scroll down (I haven't done a tutorial for such a long time, but I reminded myself how much I enjoy doing them - so maybe I'll do some more in the coming weeks...)  It's a really simple design but I think it's quite effective just using a couple of colours for the hearts.  It's not exactly what you'd call a subtle Valentine's Day look...!

Valentine's Day nail art

Valentine's Day nail art

Valentine's Day nail art with Models Own Cerise ShineValentine's Day nail art with Models Own Pink Veneer

Valentine's Day nail art with Models Own White Light

For this manicure I used three Models Own Hypergel polishes - White LightCerise Shine and Pink Veneer*.

Valentine Nails Tutorial

You will need:

Base colour
2 other colours
Dotting tool
Top coat

How to:

1.  Paint base colour and let it dry.
2.  Using the normal polish brush, paint a diagonal curve across one corner of the nail.
3.  Do the same as 2 on the other corner of the nail, creating the shape of the top of a heart.
4.  Put a blob of each colour onto a piece of paper to make dotting easier.
5.  Using a dotting tool, put a dot and drag it down to a point.
6.  Do the same as 5 for the other side of the heart.
7.  Repeat 5 and 6 with the other colour (for one of the hearts I mixed the two pinks together).
8.  Seal the design with a top coat (I used Seche Vite which didn't smudge my design).

I'd love to know if you follow my tutorial - you can Tweet me on @fundaflawless or tag me on Instagram @fundaflawless. 

The River Island competition is open until 4pm on Monday 24th February so you still have a couple of days to take part!

*previously provided as a PR sample

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