Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Morgan Taylor Glam Rock Collection: Rebel With A Cause Swatch and Review*

Yesterday I blogged about Pretty Wild from the Morgan Taylor Glam Rock collection, which I liked, but today I'm showing you my favourite of the two I was sent to review - Rebel With A Cause, a maroon burgundy polish which shimmers with dark red, purple and a little bit of gold.  The Glam Rock collection is described as a 'mixture of funky metallic shades and glitters to bring out the rebel in you!'  Whereas I didn't feel that Pretty Wild was exactly rebellious, I feel that Rebel With A Cause is much more so - I love the fact that though it's a good dark polish you could get away with wearing at work, the shimmery element comes to life in the sunlight and almost turns the polish into a completely new colour entirely.

Morgan Taylor Glam Rock Rebel With A Cause swatchMorgan Taylor Glam Rock Rebel With A Cause swatch
Showing off the shimmer in sunlight                                                                        

Morgan Taylor Glam Rock Rebel With A Cause swatchMorgan Taylor Glam Rock Rebel With A Cause swatch

As I said yesterday with Pretty Wild, the bottle is weighty in the hand and I like that the heaviness gives the polish a serious feel to it.  Again the formula was lovely and easy to work with - the above photos show two coats, which dried relatively quickly.  These photos don't show the polish with a glossy top coat and it still looks pretty shiny - but as I often find with polishes that have an element of sparkle in them, they look stunning just after you've applied them when they're slightly wet, but when they dry they turn a bit matte.  Such was the case with this polish, so I did actually finish it off with top coat after taking these photos.  It lasted really well - I think it's sad that these days I almost expect polishes to chip after a couple of days - but this stayed flawless (maybe with a little tip wear) for four days, which I was super impressed with.

My verdict overall?  It's certainly at the higher end of the price range I'd be prepared to pay for a polish, but this colour is completely gorgeous and sophisticated (and maybe just a touch rebellious) so I would definitely recommend it.

(from L-R) Better In Leather, Little Misfit, Polished Up Punk, Pretty Wild, Rebel with a Cause and Studs & Stilettos

Which colours take your fancy?  I love the look of Little Misfit and am definitely keen to give it a try!

The Morgan Taylor Glam Rock collection polishes are available from for £10.99 each.

*PR sample

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