Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Models Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen Swatch and Review with MoYou London XL Stamping Plate 14*

On Saturday I was extremely excited to receive three of the new Models Own HyperGel Collection polishes and you can see my first thoughts post on them here.  I wanted to do individual posts on all three polishes, though, particularly with some comparison photos with other polishes.

There are 10 HyperGel polishes in the collection - a whole array of beautiful pastels and brights which are perfect for spring and summer.  They promise to give super-high-glossy gel-effect results without the need for UV light to set them, as you would have if you had proper gel nails in a salon (which I never have, because I like changing my nail colour too frequently).  The formula is also supposed to be long-lasting and chip resistant, which is always a bonus, and should apply without streaking.

Lilac Sheen is another beautiful pastel from the HyperGel Collection - and is absolutely perfect for spring.  I can't wait to start wearing pastels more frequently.  Like with Naked Glow, this has a great formula.  It's  quite thick (which it has to be if it's going to look like gel in one coat) so application needs a bit of a steady hand to get an even finish.  In one of the photos below you can see what just one coat of the polish looks like - pretty impressive coverage I'd say, though perhaps a little on the sheer side.  Regardless of how one coat looks, I'm always a two coat girl.  With two coats it has a slightly raised finish (which it's supposed to - it's supposed to look like gel after all) and is so glossy, even without a top coat (which the photos below show without).  I found that it dried pretty quickly - which was probably aided by doing two slightly thinner coats.  I've also been wearing it for 48 hours without a chip in sight - impressive!

Models Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen swatch
Two coats of Lilac Sheen

Models Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen swatchModels Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen swatch

When I first saw this Models Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen, it reminded me immediately of Models Own Fruit Pastel Grape Juice which I also own.  Because of this, I thought it'd be helpful to put each one on a couple of fingers to show the difference.  The difference is not only in colour - Lilac Sheen is a more bluey purple than Grape Juice which is more pinky.  The formula of the two polishes is different too - the photo shows just one coat of each polish - Grape Juice is definitely thinner than Lilac Sheen and would need two coats, where you could probably get away with just one of the Lilac Sheen.

Models Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen vs Models Own Fruit Pastels Grape Juice comparison
One coat of both Lilac Sheen and Grape Juice

I decided to do a little bit of stamping over this one as it was the last one I swatched and fancied wearing it for a few days. I used MoYou London's Pro XL Stamping Plate 14 for this design, with Konad white stamping polish.

Models Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen with MoYou XL Stamping Plate 14

Models Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen with MoYou XL Stamping Plate 14Models Own HyperGel Lilac Sheen with MoYou XL Stamping Plate 14

Overall, I'm a huge fan of these Models Own HyperGel Collection polishes.  They're a super quick and super affordable way to have a salon-finish manicure.

Models Own HyperGel polishes launch at the Models Own Bottleshops throughout February and March 2014 for £5 each - but you can get yours PRE-LAUNCH in the Models Own sale exclusively at 50% off (there'll be a limited number available) - but only if they reach 250,000 fans on their Facebook page before midnight on January 31st 2014 (at the time of writing they're at 249,120 fans, so the sale is looking extremely likely!), so quick - head on over to 'like' them!

*PR sample


  1. This colour is gorgeous and looks great with the design you've stamped over it! I cannot believe how much thinner grape juice is compared to lilac sheen! :)

  2. These comparison posts have been so helpful (after me whining yesterday about how they're too similar to polishes I already own!) and I am now fully convinced by this lilac! Thanks for convincing me to buy yet another polish ;) Xx

  3. PS. That stamping plate is gorgeous. You're so good at lining it up straight!

  4. Seeing so many swatches of the new Models Own line, I'm going to have to get hold of some.
    Love the stamp to finish.