Monday, 2 December 2013

Lauren's Nails, Beacon Hill, Boston MA - Manicure Review

During half term I visited New York and Boston - you have have seen my USA Beauty Haul post - I had such a busy time sightseeing in New York that by the time I got to Boston, I was exhausted! So on my first day, after visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (which is great, by the way), I decided to pop into Lauren's Nails on Charles Street in the Beacon Hill area of Boston.  (I think there are also a couple of other salons around the city with the same name/owner).

(Excuse the quality of the photos - I only had my point and shoot with me and no light box!)

Lauren's Nails Beacon Hill

Lauren's Nails Beacon Hill OPI Bastille My Heart

Lauren's Nails Beacon Hill OPI Bastille My Heart

Lauren's Nails Beacon Hill OPI Bastille My Heart

I was greeted warmly and seen very quickly by the manicurist (there were probably about 6 working on the Sunday afternoon I popped in).  I decided to go for the full manicure [I can't quite remember what it was actually called] which was $20 (rather than the mini one for $12).  After choosing my polish (OPI Bastille My Heart, which you can also see in my red and black nails mani here), I had the full works on my hands - my cuticles were removed (and my horrible hang nails were got rid of) and my nails filed (I wish I could get the shape she managed).  I also had a lovely 10 minute massage on my hands and forearms (admittedly, this was quite a strong massage and even hurt a little at times...!) After she put the polish and top coat on (honestly, I just wish I could apply polish as beautifully and perfectly as she did), I sat with my nails under the drying machine for a while... at this point I felt that they rather forgot about me as nobody told me for about 15 minutes that I could go (it wasn't until I asked).

Overall I was so pleased with how my nails turned out - I couldn't stop looking at them for a few days.  Sadly the polish didn't last chip free more than a few days, and if I was the sort of person who only ever got manicures and never did it myself, I'd find that a bit irritating. It's clearly a place that gets return business - from sitting in there for 45 minutes or so, a number of clients came in and had full conversations with Lauren and the other manicurists as if they pop in every week.

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