Sunday, 15 December 2013

Dove Hair Express Treatment Conditioner*

A few weeks ago I was asked to try out Dove's Hair Express Treatment Conditioner - of which there are three in the range, to suit all sorts of hair types - and there are two great things about these - one that it only needs to be on your hair for 1 minute, so it's a quick fix, and two that they're just £3.99/180ml (a big tube which honestly I'm not sure you'll ever finish it's so big!)

Dove Hair Express Treatment Conditioner
(L-R) Intensive Repair, Nourishing Oil Care, Colour Radiance

Since my hair is in pretty good condition (a few months ago I had a Nanokeratin treatment on it) and it's not dyed, I went for the Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner first.  It's supposed to have three times the nourishing power of a standard conditioner - and with the weather how it is, I think my hair is certainly in need of a little boost.  It has Nutri-Oils in it which are enriched with argan, coconut and almond. 

Although you can't really see it in the picture below, when the conditioner comes out it has a gold stripe (with the oils in it) and a white stripe (with the conditioner in it for locking in the goodness).  It has a really pleasant smell - quite a standard conditioner sort of smell I think - but you can definitely smell hints of both coconut and almond (maybe argan too, if I knew what that smelled like...!)  My hair felt so soft and smooth after I'd used it - and was in such good condition.  I wouldn't say this is an everyday sort of conditioner, because it's so rich, but certainly once a week.

Dove Hair Express Treatment Conditioner
(L-R) Colour Radiance, Nourishing Oil Care, Intensive Repair

I passed the Colour Radiance onto a friend who has dyed hair so she could report back to me.  She said since she's used it, a number of people have asked her if she's done something with her hair and said how nice it looks.  She said the general consensus is that it looks darker, shinier and more styled, so I would say that was excellent feedback!

These conditioners are available in major supermarkets and chemists, including Boots and Superdrug, all priced at £3.99/180ml.  Will you be giving your hair a treat this Christmas?

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  1. I use the Intensive Repair on about once a week, I just love it, makes my hair super soft and shiny