Monday, 25 November 2013

Polish Party November - "Disney" - Micky and Minnie Mouse Disney Nail Art

Oh gosh. I'm possibly the worst blogger in the world.  I have only blogged twice this month so far!  My excuse is that I've actually worked every day so far this month - school has been uncharacteristically busy for this time of year for various reasons - and so, although I've been painting my nails (and enjoying a bit of stamping), I just haven't had the time to photograph them and get them up here.

That all changes today! I've spent a few hours blogging over the weekend and have got some scheduled posts for the next couple of weeks (get me and my organisation)!

However, back to November's Polish Party - this month the theme was Disney.  I'm not going to lie, I'm not a big fan of the 'character' nail - I'd rather wear patterns on my nails than cartoons, but for some reason my cartoony nails (like my Autumnal owls or my Halloween nails - incidentally both for Polish Party) are some of my most popular! Anyway, so I thought I'd do some google research and found designs that inspired my nails - my designs aren't original, they're very similar to these - and I can't find who did them originally.

The colours I used for these were - Models Own Snow White, Models Own Black Magic, Models Own Sardonyx, 17 Red, Rio Nail Art Pens in Black and Red.

Polish Party
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