Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Seventeen Quicker Slicker Colour Sailor Boy* #bootsgiveitago

Last night I went to a Boots lock in!  It was a wonderful evening - lots of prosecco and sweeties in jars... but also lots of incredible beauty products to pick up too (which you'll be seeing more of over the next few weeks)! It was a bit like supermarket sweep - well, the closest I'll ever get to it anyway.  There were experts on hand to show us how to carry out essential looks for Autumn/Winter 2013 - nails, hair, make up - everything was covered.

Now, I'm not really one for ever letting anyone paint my nails.  I'm too picky.  Apparently that happens when you become a nail blogger!  Anyway, my nails were a little chipped so I thought why not - and I'm glad I did because they've been painted more neatly than I could ever do myself! I chose a beautiful sea blue from the Seventeen Quicker Slicker Colour range called Sailor Boy.  (Annoyingly the colour hasn't come out quite right in my photos, they show it to be more purple than it is - I'm working on my understanding of white balance on my camera, bear with me!)  It's shiny and bold and completely opaque in just two coats.  I was given a couple of stickers on my accent nail which are a great addition (they're just from a sheet of stickers from Hobbycraft).  The whole mani was topped with my all-time favourite top coat, No 7 Stay Perfect (which I was telling anyone I could how great it was and how they should pick one up for themselves!)

I'm still getting little bumps on my nails so I asked my manicurist what the problem is and she suggested that I should buff my nails to try to smooth my nails. I realise I haven't actually done this for such a long time, so I'll be giving that a go when I take off this blue.

Seventeen Sailor Boy

Seventeen Sailor Boy

Seventeen Sailor Boy

All of our manicures!

Will you be going to Hobbycraft to pick up some stickers?! What about trying the No 7 Stay Perfect Top Coat?  Or the Seventeen Sailor Boy?

If you're interested in seeing what other trends we tried out on the night, pop over to to get more information and find out how to pull off the looks yourself! Which will you be 'giving a go'? Pick'n'mix nails? Big bouncy curls? The feline flick? Let me know in the comments below...

*PR sample

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