Friday, 9 August 2013

Di Palomo Wild Fig and Grape Hand and Nail Cream*

Continuing with my foray into the more general 'beauty' blog world than nail blogging, today I've got another hand cream review.  Like me, you may have seen di palomo products before - the design of the Wild Fig and Grape was so familiar to me but I'd never tried the hand cream out before.  It comes in a lovely box and the cream tube looks just as pretty, making it a great gift idea (you can never go wrong with hand cream, right? Means you can leave tubes all over the place and you'll never be caught with dry, tight hands!) 

The description on the box calls it 'an enriching and luxurious hand and nail cream containing grapeseed oil, olive oil and fig fruit extract.  Olive oil is rich in vitamins A & D which aid the production of healthy skin tissue.'  The first thing I have to say is: it smells divine.  Sweet, but not sickly and it reminds me of fig rolls and grape juice - yummy!  The formula is smooth and hardly greasy, which always gets a thumbs up from me because I can use it and still get on with other things without waiting for the grease to wear off.  It left my hands feeling really soft and moisturised.

di palomo wild fig and grape hand and nail cream

di palomo wild fig and grape hand and nail cream

di palomo wild fig and grape hand and nail cream

di palomo wild fig and grape hand and nail cream

The combination of the quality of the hand cream and the beautiful presentation mean that I would definitely consider buying this as a gift, though as a day to day hand cream I will probably stick to my Caudalie one.  It's such a pretty tube that I'd happily have this out in my bathroom for guests to use, or keep on my desk at work for those dry hand moments.  The RRP of this di palomo Wild Fig and Grape Hand Cream is £7 and can be found on their website here.

There are lots of other products in the di palomo Wild Fig and Grape range, with some lovely affordable gift ideas - like the Bath and Body Treat set (£9) which includes 25ml versions of the shower gel, hand cream and body lotion (look out for my review of the Tuscan Rose version of this coming soon).

You can buy di palomo products direct from their website, but if you search around you may be able to get them cheaper elsewhere (such as Feel Unique or Amazon).

*PR sample

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