Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Blue Ombre Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

I'm back! Well, I hope so - I'm planning to get back into the habit of posting my manis now that it's the summer holiday and I have 8 weeks stretching ahead of me. My first nail art offering is a simple one, I've seen it around the place a bit - first on Pinterest I think, but I can't find the picture now (so let me know if it was yours!) - literally so easy to do (funnily enough, I did it a few days ago and then this morning saw that Miss Jen Fabulous has also done the exact same design and has a tutorial on it on her YouTube channel). Anyway, I've done a very basic tutorial for it too, so scroll down to the bottom of the post to find that.

Enough wittering, here are the photos - I used a base of Nails inc Southwark, a beautiful royal blue colour, which actually dries to a slightly matte finish; the next stripe was Essie In the Cab-ana, which was on my list of polishes to buy for ages until recently (I'll do some swatches of it when I'm wearing it next); then Models Own Apple Pie from the Fruit Pastels collection - which smells gorgeously of apples; then the white stripe was done with Models Own Nail Art striper in white.

Blue ombre stripes nail artBlue ombre stripes nail art

Blue ombre stripes nail art with Essie In the Cab-anaBlue ombre stripes nail art with Nails inc Southwark

Blue ombre stripes nail art with Models Own Apple PieBlue ombre stripes nail art with Models Own White Nail Art Striper

So for the tutorial:

You will need:
Three different shades of the same (or at least similar) colour
A white polish with striper brush

Scroll down for the instructions...

Blue Ombre Stripes Nail Art Tutorial
1.  Paint the dark base all over your nail and let it dry.
2.  Using the brush in the next lightest shade polish, paint one stripe down the centre of the nail, then add to either side of it so that only a little bit of the base coat still shows. Let it dry.
3.  Using the brush and the lightest polish, paint just one stripe over the top of the previous stripe. Let it dry!
4.  Using the striper brush and white polish, paint a single thin line down the centre.  Put a top coat over the whole nail (I used Butter London PD Quick).

Are you going to try out this design? What colours will you choose? Look out for my post tomorrow - I've tried the same design with different colours!


  1. I love these!
    They are super cute! :)


  2. This looks great! It seems so simple to do but looks really good so I'll be giving it a go :)

    1. Thanks! Definitely have a go, it's a nice quick one!

  3. This is great! really love the colours you've chosen too x

  4. So pretty!! It is simple! Looked more complicated when I first saw it! Might have to give this a go at some point! x