Monday, 20 May 2013

Swatch Round Up: Models Own Splash Collection

I promise I'll stop posting about the Splash collection after this post - I know I had a bit of a day yesterday posting all five swatches of the polishes... but I thought it would be good to do a little round-up post with all the swatches in one place - and a few photos of them over black (which is how I'm wearing them at the moment and is definitely my favourite way to wear them).

Models Own Splash Collection Swatch

Models Own Splash Collection Swatch

Models Own Splash Collection Swatch

Models Own Splash Collection Swatch

So, in summary:

Formula: jelly-like (not gelly-like) - a little difficult to paint on smoothly, flakes need quite a bit of arrangement.
Flakes: pretty colours! A variety of shapes and sizes, a mixture of colours in each Splash.
Colours: Red Sea looks fine without a coloured base, but all the others really need some sort of colour underneath them as they're so translucent. My recommendation for a base colour is definitely black because it shows up the colours of the flakes best.

And here are the photos (click them to link to the swatch post):

Models Own Mermaid Tears Splash Swatch

Models Own Aqua Splash Splash Swatch

Models Own Pink Paradise Splash Swatch

Models Own Golden Shore Splash Swatch

Models Own Red Sea Splash Swatch

Do you like the look of the Splash collection? Will you be heading to the Models Own Bottleshop at Westfield or their website to pick some up? On the website they're £20 for the collection with free p&p, at the Bottleshop you can pick up six polishes for £20.


  1. I was really excited when I first heard about these but the more I see and read about them the more I'm certain that I just won't get them.

    I have a flakie polish be model's own that I simply do not use because it's just too difficult to work. And I'm also disappointed that the base colours aren't pigmented enough to wear on their own as I now don't see the reason to have a coloured base in that case.

    Ah well, my bank balance thanks me.


  2. Thank you for such a comprehensive review! I don't like Model's Own polishes much, but I'm kind of interested in the red and pink ones now!

  3. Oooh I really like the look of them, I happen to love flakies but not in a place to spend £20 atm :(

  4. Oh, I was actually looking so much forward to this collection, but seeing this has made me think again... The orange doesn't look much orange, and the purple looks blue? I will consider buying the red, though.

  5. Thanks for the brilliant reviews :-)

    I've just bought Mermaid Tears, Red Splash. Also the Pukka Purple which I wouldn't normally have bought - neons aren't really my thing. Plan to try them all out this weekend and will let you know how I get on.

    When they arrived my other half said, "Ooh, they'd look good over black!" Can't lose really, can I?

    Thanks again for the reviews!