Thursday, 16 May 2013

Inspiration: The Great Gatsby Nail Art and Summer at Bluebird, Chelsea

The new Great Gatsby film is everywhere at the moment and roaring 20s seems to be the look a lot of people are trying to emulate. Last night I was lucky enough to go to the Bluebird Cafe in Chelsea, where they were having a themed party to welcome in the summer - and yes, the theme was the roaring 20s. [See bottom of post for photos of the party!]  In honour of the occasion (and partly because I didn't have anything flapperish to wear), I decided to try out some Gatsby-inspired nail art.  I did one a couple of days ago with a gold Sharpie pen, but frankly by the end of the day it just looked a bit rubbish (see bottom of this post for a pic of it at the beginning of the day). I used hairspray to set the pen, then coated it with Seche Vite and I think it was the combination that caused major peeling.

Anyway, the next night I decided I'd go on a different tack and tried to do a striping mani, like The Nailasaurus' one, which is completely stunning! However, I just do not know how she did it - I tried doing a design with tape, but the small pieces got stuck under the polish and I wasn't sure how to get them up (please, if you know, leave me a comment below!) Instead, I plumped for simply sticking gold tape (from eBay) down on a Models Own Black Magic background for my index finger.

On my middle finger I just used the black Models Own nail art pen with the striper brush; on my ring finger I used silver glequins from Born Pretty Store and a striper brush to paint on the silver leaves (Butter London Diamond Geezer).  The base for the gold nails was Barry M Gold Foil, with a coat of Butter London West End Wonderland over the top. Over the top of all of them I used No 7 Stay Perfect, which is literally my favourite top coat at the moment - it dries quickly AND it is great at staying chip free.

Butter London Diamond Geezer

Butter London West End Wonderland

And here is my inspiration...

My slightly rubbish Sharpie pen version - it didn't look too bad from a distance!!

As I said above, here are some photos of the fantastic evening hosted by Bluebird and Moet - I even got to hang out with the amazing wedding planners Liesl Lamare and Mimi Zouch of Zouch & Lamare and the extremely talented jewellery designer Lulu of Lulu Kachoo.

Moet and the Gatsby nails in action

Desserts galore!

Liesl, Lulu and Mimi looking stunning in their 20s outfits

Have you seen the Great Gatsby yet? Are you looking forward to it? What about some Gatsby inspired nail art?