Sunday, 31 March 2013

Models Own Pastels Easter Gradient Nails

I have been seeing the new Models Own scented Fruit Pastels collection on nail blogs everywhere the last few weeks - so this is hardly going to be an original post - however, I thought I'd wade in to give my two cents on them.  I popped along to the Bottleshop at Westfield White City again yesterday and was once again served by the cute salesgirl who served me when I first visited (post on that haul coming up in the next few days).  This time I knew exactly what I wanted so was presented with my box of pastels, swapping out the top coat for Ice Neon Bubblegum.

Firstly, the colours are so cute - and, thankfully, different from the other pastels I already own! (See my polka dot pastels mani) - and they smell gorgeous. I wasn't sold on the idea of scented polishes because I remember them from when I was about 12; I think I had a Rimmel Kiwi one which lost its novelty value as quick as it did the smell. However, these are lovely - each has a distinctive smell and there's a scratch'n'sniff sticker on the top to try it out (as you can see from the photo of these below, my banana one came rather pre-scratched so I tweeted Models Own to say I was a little disappointed by this).  Anyway, you can still smell the scents even after adding topcoat, which is nice - they're not so strong that you get fed up with them either. I'm not going to say much more about them because literally everyone else on tinternet has and I'm hardly going to reinvent the wheel.

For my Eastery-springy mani, I wanted to give gradients another go for the base (you're going to see another gradient post in the next couple of days, stay tuned!)

I then stamped using BM16 plate (previously seen here and here) and Essie Penny Lane (a gorgeous pinky copper metallic polish I recently acquired).

Happy Easter everyone! Did you get any good eggs?

After a couple of weeks away, I'm linking up again with Glitter and Gloss blog's Mani Monday - come on over!


  1. Those are lovely gradients, Madison. I do like the stamping as well. My stamping can leave a little something to be desired, I'm always so impressed when I see other's stamping adventures turn out so well...

    I was at the bottleshop yesterday in Westfield! Once again purchasing more nail polish - it's embarrassing how much I've bought this month.


    1. Thanks Natalie! I think if I have one piece of advice for successful stamping, I'd say use metallic polishes - they transfer really well and are much more forgiving with mistakes! Try Barry M silver and gold foil polishes.

      Love that bottleshop so much... it's just too addictive!

  2. This looks amazing, great job! I love the contrast between the pastels and the metallic!

    1. Thanks Crystal! Pastels and metallics, two of my favourite things!