Monday, 4 March 2013

Barry M Textured Polishes Swatch

I've been seeing Barry M's new textured polishes all over the place recently but I'd been holding off on them because I was a bit undecided about the rough finish.  However, I saw that Superdrug currently have a 2 polishes for £6 offer on so thought why not get a couple of the textured pastels.  I plumped for Atlantic Road (blue) and Ridley Road (green).  I was surprised by how much I actually loved the rough finish - I couldn't stop touching my nails! I thought they'd go on a bit more thickly than they did and had to go for 2 coats for the best finish (I put three on my thumb and it ruined the effect).  It goes on quite smoothly and then dries quite quickly with a sand-like feel. There are two more colours (Kingsland Road pink and Station Road yellow) which I might get later in the season, but the yellow I think is a bit too bright for the more subdued other colours.  Anyway, here are the shots:

This sunlight shot shows how 3 coats on my thumb was not a good look!

Have you tried any textured polishes yet? What do you think? Do you like the Barry M ones?


  1. It's funny, I noticed the three coats going funny too, you don't expect that!

    I like the blue and green together there, they look really pretty next to each other.

  2. Thank you! The colours didn't come out completely accurately on my camera, but they're good enough I think...!