Sunday, 3 February 2013

United Nations Nails

This week has been such a busy week work-wise.  I think between Monday and today I have worked an 81 hour week (and been at school every day) - because I've been organising the school's Model United Nations conference, which went as smoothly as I could have hoped and everyone had a great time. I did find a quick MUN-free hour on Thursday night to paint my nails in a UN theme... and this was the result:

I used Boots 17 Lasting Fix in 'Heartbeat' as the base for the nails, with Barry M's Silver Foil for the tips - and for my accent nail, I did the United Nations logo freehand with Models Own Nail Art pen in white.  I topped it with my usual Butter London PD Quick.  It lasted pretty well for two days, with only nail tip wear so at the end of the second day I redid the tips and put Rimmel Matte Finish over the top, which made it look great for the last day of the conference. I definitely got a lot of amazed compliments for it and I have to admit, I was pretty chuffed with that world map myself!!