Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NOTD: Butter Diamond Geezer

I thought it about time to talk about Butter London, one of my absolutely favourite polish brands around at the moment.  I began my love affair with Butter London polishes when I came upon a little Butter salon at Seattle's Sea-Tac airport (on Concourse C, if you're interested in popping by sometime) during my layover on my journey home from San Francisco in October.  I had a couple of hours to kill and I was taken in by the sheer beauty of the bottles and the liquid rainbows inside them...

(You have to admit they are aesthetically stunning to look at...)

Anyway, at the time I had a manicure with Scouse (a gorgeous marine blue with flecks of pink, purple and blue glitter - the website helpfully tells us that the name is 'Brit slang referring to a person from Liverpool'). I fell in love with it so much over the few days I wore it that I had to source some for myself on eBay (with their PD Quick topcoat which is one of my favourite top coats).  One thing I have to say I find rather endearing about the brand is that as they are called Butter London, (even though they are a US company (one of the directors is apparently British)) they like to come up with 'quintessentially British' names for their polishes (Chimney Sweep, Crumpet, Cuppa, Dodgy Barnett, Dosh and Slapper are some of the ones that make me giggle - I'm pretty sure the last time a dodgy barnett was referred to was in 1994 in Smash Hits magazine).  They also like to call their fans Bezzie Mates, which I definitely haven't used since 1997 when I was 12.  That said, I can't help but adore their lovely lacquers.  I grew my collection with purchases of West End Wonderland (a dazzling gold glitter), Chancer (a rich red glitter), Black Knight (purple and pink glitter in a black base) and Lovely Jubbly (a discotastic red, blue and gold glitter in a magenta base) - which all saw me through the Christmas period with a sufficient amount of glitz on my talons.  (I'll do a post on all that glitters sometime).

A couple of weeks ago I saw, probably on Pinterest, Diamond Geezer and though I already have a silver polish which I love (Barry M's silver foil), I couldn't resist finding this one on eBay as it literally looks like molten silver on your fingertips. It's so sparkly, without being a glitter. It goes on smoothly, though you have to be a little careful with streaks, and it lasted really well.  Without further ado, here are the photos...

Butter London Diamond Geezer swatch

Butter London Diamond Geezer swatch

Butter London Diamond Geezer swatch

Happy hump day everyone - only two days until the weekend!

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