Saturday, 12 January 2013

Holographic Happiness

I was impressed by how long my last purple and silver starburst nails lasted this week - a whole 5 days which is pretty good. I was very excited this week to receive in the post my Layla Mercury Twilight holographic nail polish (Layla isn't stocked that widely in the UK, but this bridal website sells them for £11.25 + p&p and it arrived very quickly).  So here is how it looks with three coats:

Layla Mercury Twilight holographic polish
 Photo without flash

Layla Mercury Twilight holographic polish
Photo with flash

Layla Mercury Twilight holographic polish
Layla Mercury Twilight

There a few tricky bits about this polish. You need to buff and shine your nails before application as it doesn't work so well on ridges (apparently - I went straight for the buffing). Simply Occasions kindly popped in a Layla nail buffer in the cute pink organza bag with the nail polish so I used that one, but I'm pretty sure it would work with any normal nail buffer. Another thing was that I ended up having to redo a couple of nails because it seemed that if I pressed a bit too hard with the second coat it took off some of the first and made the pattern patchy.  The last thing is that apparently normal top coat takes away the holographic effect (I haven't tried this) so you're supposed to use the special Layla one, but seeing as it was another £10 I skipped that.  Anyway, I think it looks quite fun and I'm looking forward to wearing it out tonight and seeing how it looks under the lights. Will update on how long it stays chip-free! *Update - day 2 and it's already chipping! Looks like this is a paint-the-day-you-want-to-wear-it nail polish!

Have you tried any holographic nail polishes? Layla or another brand?

This is the second week I'm linking up with - what's super exciting is that my silver and purple starburst nails were featured on this week's Mani Monday! (But I'm now a little bit embarrassed by how messy they look close up... will work harder on that in future!)

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  1. OOH!! I'm loving that holo! (And don't be embarrassed, silly girl, your nails look great! Thanks for linking up with Mani Monday!!

    Heather @ Glitter and Gloss