Monday, 7 May 2012

Macro Monday: My take on Fruit in Bubbles

I've been meaning to try out this technique for ages but it was only when last week a very kind friend lent me his Canon Speedlite - which meant that taking these pictures was going to be a lot more effective.  I saw a tutorial for this by Jaymi on Live, Love, Travel - my photos don't have such clean backgrounds, but I don't mind that so much.  I took them all with my Canon 500d and 100mm macro lens, the speedlite, a tripod and a lightbox. I even shot on manual! They're all SOOC apart from the pink lemon one, which I fiddled a bit with the levels to make it brighter.

And here's a behind-the-scenes of the set up - I had to use toothpicks to position the fruit because bubbles are not easy to work with!

Have you ever tried photographing fruit in bubbles? How was your experience with it? Any great tips for the future?

studio waterstone Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos