Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Shoot. Edit. Submit. - a first time

So. Finally had a chance to play with my camera over the Easter holiday - and play I did! After a lot of umming and ahhing I decided to buy the Canon 100mm 2.8 macro (not IS!) - I went between thinking about the 60mm and the 100mm but I figured if I wanted to capture some insects (with my camera, not literally) at some point, the 100mm would be better. I'll be updating my blog with lots of my escapades over the next week or so, but I thought today I would make sure I got at least one up so that I could enter Misty and Kim's Shoot. Edit. Submit. for the first time.

Here it is:

Captured with Canon 550d with 100mm 2.8 lens - ISO 800, f/8, 1/125s
Processed in PSE with The Coffee Shop Blog's Simply Vintage action

My parents and I went on a little trip to Holland at the end of last week; I'd given my mum a surprise trip for her birthday and then sent her pieces of a jigsaw to give her clues as to where it was we were going - she guessed pretty quickly when the tulip started coming together that it was Holland! So my mum loves flowers and is the most knowledgable gardener I know (I just wish my fingers could be even a little bit as green as hers) - so I planned to take her to Keukenhof which is, as my Dutch friend described it, the Disney of the botanical world.  A huge park full to bursting with flowers - mainly tulips, but also hyacinths and daffodils and lots of other pretty things.  Having bought my macro lens only the week before, it was the perfect opportunity to give it its first outing.  My wonderful father was a superb photographer's assistant, carrying my tripod around all day.  This tulip above is one of my favourites of the day (I'll be posting plenty more though!) - the way the petals look almost shiny with the recent raindrops on them.

[Update]: I was picked as one of this week's Top 5, which is so exciting! The other winners are absolutely awesome so it's a complete honour to be up there with them - and on my first entry, too!