Monday, 2 January 2012

Not Another New Year's Resolution

About once a year I get all fired up about resurrecting my blog and then spend a good day moving it to a new host or using a different program to create it or giving it a redesign or something else along those lines.  I then write one whole post, with every intention of it being a regular occurrence, and the next day I've forgotten my blog is even up again.

"This New Year Will Be Different," I keep telling myself. (The capital letters are important in that statement, it's like they make it more momentous and significant).  This time around, my enthusiasm was sparked by the idea of taking part in a couple of photography challenges this year, which I'll come back to in a second.  Last May I bought myself a brand new DSLR, a Canon 550D, and signed myself up to an evening Beginner's Digital Photography and Photoshop class at my local art school.  I absolutely adored my Thursday evenings learning about the different settings on my new toy (I'm a bit of a geek), how to take a decent photo and then some tricks using Photoshop to improve my photos.  Since finishing the course, I've bought myself a new lens (the 50mm f1.8) which I used so much over Christmas because of ALL THE LIGHTS.  I LOVE Christmas fairy lights and they make for some awesome bokeh shots.  (I'll be writing a post on this soon).  I have also even set up a junior photography and photoshop club at the school I teach at to pass on the (little) information I know.

One of my Christmas bokeh shots (SOOC).
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So back to the photography challenges.  I read a whole variety of blogs (Ashley Sisk is one of my favourites) and so many of them either run or take part in photography challenges - and I look at the photos that people submit and tell myself that to improve my own photography this would be a great starting place.  So that's the reason for starting up my blog.  Again.  The two challenges I'm going to (try my best to) take part in this year are: MCP Project 12, which is a monthly challenge (and, therefore, I figure achievable) and My 3 Boybarians' 2012 P52, which is a weekly challenge.  I'm hoping both will encourage me to think out of the box more with my photo-taking, as well as making an effort to play around more with Photoshop.  The good news is that for both challenges this week's/month's prompt is Resolution. So maybe I'll think about combining my camera with my blog for my first photo challenge. Watch this space.

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